Senior Chemist (permanent), Paris

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Senior Chemist (permanent), Paris
France, Ville-de-Paris, Paris,
Modifié April 3, 2024


Design / Generate in the computer small molecules to address a given therapeutic target.
Communicate in a concise and written way your hypotheses and work plan, so that they can be discussed and improved, incl. code with attention to robustness and reproducibility.
Apply and test the baseline technology and ways of working developed by the platform: generative AI algorithms to invent molecules, properties prediction models, molecular dynamic techniques.
Give systematic feedback to the technology platform in a structured and constructive way, based on your experience and project experimental results.
Propose new ideas to advance the project and improve the technology to make it more precise, fast, scalable.
Discuss Chemistry plan with CROs to optimize predictions of properties and ease of synthesis and test.
Mentor more junior team members.


~ Ph. D. and post-doctoral experience as well as a track record of technical excellence as shown by peer reviewed publications.
~3+ years of pharma/biotech/CRO experience with a focus on computational chemistry or computational biology.
~ Hands-on experience in computational chemistry applied to drug discovery using state-of-the-art structure-based or ligand-based methods, including techniques such as virtual screening, molecular docking, structure-activity relationship analysis, multi-property optimization-based compound design.
~ Extensive knowledge of protein structures, functions and protein-ligand interactions.
~ Knowledge of computational chemistry packages: RDKIT, Open MM, parmed, GROMACS, Ambertools, MDAnalysis.
~ Intermediate to advanced python programming.

Détails du poste:

Type d'emploi: À plein temps
Type de contrat: Permanent
Type de salaire: Mensuel
Occupation: Senior chemist (permanent)

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