Go-to-market (gtm) Lead,

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Go-to-market (gtm) Lead,
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Pave Kartoon’s Road To Empower Casual Storytellers Globally

Kartoon stands at the forefront of interactive storytelling, merging the vivacious world of webcomic narratives with the dynamism of mobile engagement. Our mission is to Democratize Casual Creativity.

With us, anyone, from beginners to experts, can harness the power of generative AI to craft and share their unique comic stories.

Why Choose Kartoon?

  • Direct impact: Your work isn’t just about code or scale; it’s about being part of the first 5-10 “core team members” of the future “ Tik Tok of comics”
  • A chance to be part of an early-stage adventure led by an experienced and ambitious team, pioneering a new wave of casual creativity in storytelling
  • Transparent ethos with care: We cherish open dialogue, always approaching challenges with genuine ambition on bringing delight to our users - focusing also on what truly counts for our team
  • Join an international adventure from the get-go. We are a venture-backed US company focusing at a truly fun challenge: how to empower casual creators. We welcome remote work, we have a local presence in Paris and we ambition at opening an office in Tours later in the life of the company

Diversity is more than just a buzzword at Kartoon. We're genuinely enthusiastic about building a team where everyone feels at home. Female candidates and those from all walks of life are strongly encouraged to jump aboard.

Your Role: Go-To-Market (GTM) Lead

Your Mission

  • Community Development: Cultivate and expand our reader and creator communities. From evangelizing Kartoon's vision to the webtoons, BD, comics, mangas, and graphic novels enthusiasts, to engaging semi-professional storytellers with compelling marketing material – you’re the bridge to our users
  • Strategic Business Development: Identify and forge partnerships that amplify our reach. Whether it's audience and promo collaborations or securing IP rights with diverse sectors – from sports franchises and video games to renowned artists and brands
  • Product Marketing Excellence: Implement a feedback-centric approach to refine Kartoon's value. Harness tools like user surveys and the Product Market Fit framework to ensure our offering resonates deeply
  • Crafting the Narrative: Articulate Kartoon’s unique selling proposition. Position us distinctively in the market, aligning brand strategy and GTM strategy, and effectively channel this message across optimal communication platforms
  • Transition Mastery: Steer the shift from stealth to public launch with finesse. Design a roadmap that prioritizes early adopters, facilitates feedback, and optimizes user retention, culminating in a triumphant public debut

What You Bring to the Table

  • Strategic Intuition: A balance of data-driven insights and intuitive foresight in understanding go-to-market strategies
  • Community Acumen: A track record of building, nurturing, and growing engaged communities
  • Business Development Prowess: Proven success in establishing pivotal partnerships and navigating the complexities of IP negotiations
  • Product Marketing Savvy: Experience in leveraging feedback mechanisms, CRM, Data Analytics, and more to fine-tune product offerings
  • Collaborative Spirit: An ability to be the voice of the users within the company, ensuring alignment at every stage. Your coordination with branding agencies should be symbiotic, defining mutual roles for optimal brand expression. #J-18808-Ljbffr

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Occupation: Go-to-market (gtm) lead
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