Data Quality & Governance Lead H/f,

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Data Quality & Governance Lead H/f,
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Fonctions Support - Master Data Management

Data Quality & Governance Lead H/F

Function purpose Assists and drives overall data governance and data quality streams within GEODIS Data Office under the lead of the Data Quality & Governance Manager. Data Governance stream• Helps establish and update data governance standards, policies, and procedures• Supports the Data Quality & Governance Manager in implementing data governance within the organization according to the roadmap• Helps in the animation and coordination of the data community• Raises awareness on data strategy, data governance and documentation topics throughout the Group• Provides help in the supervision of Group data management tools and Group scope repositories (such as the data catalog roll-out)• Trains stakeholders on data catalog• Facilitates the establishment of a common language around data• Assists in coordination of data owners, business, and IT stakeholders regarding data quality and governance matters• Launches and co-animates data governance committees on new scopes• Monitors and analyzes new regulations in regard to data Data quality stream• Helps in updating introduced global data quality principles and policies as well as in their promotion following their recent introduction• Outlines and defining additional procedures and frameworks to facilitate adoption of data quality standards according to stakeholders' needs• Supports the setup of data quality measurement dashboards and data quality monitoring• Provides support and expertise on data quality and existing procedures to stakeholders within the Group• Promotes the benefits of improving data quality (case-based)• Contributes to the process of defining the level of criticality of data (data prioritization based on the impact of data quality on data usage)• Helps in ensuring the data quality processes for priority data are implemented

  • Passionate about data• Analytical skills to identify opportunities and risks• Able to work in a fast-paced, multidisciplinary, multicultural, and multilingual environment• 5 years of experience in data management or relevant fields• Excellent written and spoken language skills in English and French




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Type d'emploi: À plein temps
Type de contrat: Permanent
Type de salaire: Mensuel
Occupation: Data quality & governance lead h/f

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