Senior Print Production Manager - French Speaker - Paris, France, Paris

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Senior Print Production Manager - French Speaker - Paris, France, Paris
France, Ville-de-Paris, Paris,
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The Production Center is a hub of excellence formed by a multinational team of production experts which delivers solutions all across Europe driven by the goal of adding value. About us
Indicia Worldwide is an insight and technology-led communications agency with global production expertise.
Why we exist: we create new value
At Indicia Worldwide, our philosophy is one of ‘creating new value’. We create new value at every step of the journey that a brand takes to market, by driving an increase in marketing performance and reducing costs in marketing execution. For our clients and their customers, we are building mutually beneficial partnerships. We see this proposition, built around the perfect balance of efficiency and effectiveness, as pioneering, entrepreneurial and, above all else, sustainable.
Our substantial investment in our technology and data science capability, and resource, provide our differentiation in the marketplace. Data insight and marketing technology gives us the ability to measure our work, evidencing ROI as the most critical metric in today’s environment.
We see ROI where others don't. We are the only agency that combines creative, data and technology talent with production and procurement expertise to improve your marketing performance and efficiencies. We realise ROI for our clients by enabling them to deliver more engaging, cost-effective and sustainable customer experiences.
As a business we draw on a rich heritage from the worlds of print, creative production, retail, data, digital, tech and creative, bringing these disciplines together to support global brands with their omnichannel marketing activation needs.
We believe in what we do. We believe this proposition makes us unique. We have the capacity to redefine the way marketing is activated for our clients across the globe. Now, and well into the future.
The output : Improved client performance by engaging consumers with brand ideas better, faster and more cost-effectively, across every step of the journey that a brand takes to market.
We are an equal opportunities employer and as such, will make any reasonable adjustments to accommodate the needs of all candidates. If you have any such needs or requirements in the context of your interview, please notify us so that we can make the appropriate arrangements .
About the Team
The Production Centre is a hub of delivery excellence based in Madrid, formed by a multicultural team of production experts which delivers marketing materials across Europe (EMEA). In a nutshell, the Production Center boosts business’s growth driving efficiencies & performance.
Purpose of the role
Vision : The Senior Production Manager manages the production of high level spend and strategic projects, to ensure the highest satisfaction of Indicia Worldwide’s clients.
Mission : To activate the proposition of Indicia Worldwide through clients delivering both the best quality and price for our clients´ needs.
Approach : To establish excellence in production delivery through our values - Collaboration, Entrepreneurship, Pioneering and Accountability.
The Senior Production Manager manages the production of high level spend and strategic projects while facing clients directly supporting both strategy and satisfaction. The SPM will be also expected to mentor and upskill the Production Managers and, at times, manage the project traffic among other PMs.
Working on complex briefs directly with the client / Advising client on strategic campaigns
Proposing Continuous Improvement initiatives to client
Escalation within the delivery team (but in constant communication with the CS team)
Add lists of tasks (high volume / high complexity)
If necessary and temporarily, the Senior Production Manager could act as an Account Manager backup if required by the business.
Location: Paris, France
Skills, knowledge, experience and exposure
The Senior Production Manager will likely have 5+ years of print/POS production management experience. Relevant project management experience will be also considered positively.
A strong industry background will be mandatory.
Fluency both written and spoken in English & French
Mindset to navigate the role
Managing production projects and facing directly final clients requires a set of skills that will enable the Senior Production Manager to succeed. First and foremost, a clear and effective communication skill at all levels in the hierarchy is essential. This includes the ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner, as well as actively listening to and addressing the needs of clients.
In addition to communication skills, the role demands a solution-oriented and resolutive mindset, where problems are seen as opportunities to find solutions. This mindset will help Production Managers navigate different types of challenges and new scenarios that arise while managing production projects.
A technology-oriented mindset is also crucial, as SPMs will have to use different technologies in their daily job. This includes not only familiarity with relevant software and platforms, but also the ability to learn new technologies as they emerge.
Attention to detail is another key attribute for a successful SPM. The value added by Production Managers lies in their ability to manage transactional work daily and ensure that the details are attended to with precision and accuracy.
Finally, a natural mediation skill is highly desirable, as SPM act as the link between Indicia Worldwide and the client. This requires a collaborative spirit and the ability to balance the needs of both parties to achieve successful project outcomes.
Temperament for the role
Senior Production Managers work in a fast-paced, ever-changing, and ambiguous environment, where adaptability and resilience are key to success. As a Senior Production Manager, you will be expected to demonstrate specific traits that will help you navigate through these challenges and ensure that projects are delivered to the highest standards.
First and foremost, a positive 'can-do' attitude is essential. You will set an example to team members, inspiring them to stay motivated and committed to achieving their goals. Even in the face of adversity, you must remain optimistic and approach every challenge with a solution-oriented mindset.
In addition to a positive attitude, a high level of energy is required when delivering projects. However, you must also be able to maintain a serene character towards challenges. As an SPM, you will be the one calming down the waters when the storms hit. You must be able to stay calm under pressure and think clearly to find solutions to any issues that arise.
A curious mind is crucial for success as an SPM. You must have a genuine interest in internal operations and be willing to listen to client challenges. This curiosity is the fuel that unlocks our proposition and enables us to stay ahead of the competition.
As a professional , accountability is essential. You will be expected to manage your workload effectively and to raise your hand when you need team support. This means taking ownership of your work, delivering results, and taking responsibility for your actions.
Collaboration is also vital. You must have a 'we, not me' mentality and be willing to support team members who may be struggling. You must be a team player and work towards common goals, with the success of the team being the ultimate objective.
Exceptional prioritization skills are essential, as you will be managing multiple projects simultaneously. You must be able to prioritize effectively, ensuring that deadlines are met, and projects are delivered to the highest possible standard.
Finally, the ability to work under pressure is essential. As an SPM, you will be working in a high-pressure environment, with tight deadlines and high stakes. You must be able to stay focused, manage your workload effectively, and deliver results, no matter what challenges arise.
Role Requirements
As an SPM, you will be expected to work from the client Office a minimum of 2 days per week, which will allow you to stay in close contact with the team and the ongoing projects. However, there might be times when you will have to travel to conferences or client offices, so flexibility in terms of location is required.
Given the project-based nature of the role, you should expect that some days you will have to work outside of the contracted hours of 9.00am to 5:30pm, Mon – Fri. However, you will be able to recover that time in other moments, so we strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance for our employees.
In addition, there might be some bank holidays when you will need to work , based on the needs of the local market you work for. Rest assured that you will be compensated for this extra effort.
Indicia Worldwide is an insight and technology led communications agency with global production expertise. Our vision is to create new value.
Indicia Worldwide is the product of three successful businesses, brought together by our parent company Konica Minolta in 2017. The vision was, and is, to unlock growth for our clients by helping them deliver a more engaging customer experience.
How do we do that? By being more efficient – using data, technology and global production capabilities to deliver your message at scale and speed
And by being more effective – using data and human insights to create mutually rewarding experiences for consumers and brands
The Production Center is a hub of excellence formed by a multinational team of production experts which delivers solutions all across Europe driven by the goal of adding value.

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Occupation: Senior print production manager - french speaker - paris, france
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